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Product description

• Furniture entirely made of stainless steel cover included
• Special insulation system with thermal bridge breakage that does not allow heat to pass from the sine to the rest of the furniture: decreased electricity expenditure and improvement in the conditions of
• Flat resistors that prevent unproductive oil: significant energy savings are achieved and
• Maximum precision digital thermostat (+-1o).
• Safety thermostat independent of the working thermostat, to prevent the oil from reaching the inflamed temperature by any failure of the first thermostat or probe
• Safety Disconnection: Prevents the machine from operating without prior reactivation by the machine after a power outage
• Fully removable for easy installation in hard-to-reach kitchens or small door
• Removable front door: allows you to easily insert a container for emptying the oil that is made by means of a faucet
- Available in six sizes


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