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The basics to show your business and your products online and to receive requests from buyers that find you

List your company

List up to 10 products

Receive Requests for Information (RFI) that have been sent directly to you

Receive traffic from our website to your website


Value Added


Active online marketing to get you more exposure and more traffic. Not only we promote you inside our portal, but we also invest in adverstising your products externally

Get everything that free users get, plus:

See us as your external online marketing partners

Receive traffic in Comertia from online ads that we buy on sites like Google

We push your company and products closer to the top of lists and search results in Comertia

Remove banners ads from your company and product pages in Comertia

Receive a "do-follow" link from our website to yours that should help your own SEO

List up to 1,000 products

$83.33 USD/mo *

* Price when you pay the full year; otherwise $100/mo.

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