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Product description

Commonly known as the ‘Grain of Life’ or the ‘Hungry Rice,’ Fonio is the smallest and one of the oldest grown and harvested grains in the world. OTI Fonio grain or ekpui / nvoni, as respectively called by the native growers, is cultivated in the Saboba-Chereponi and Zabzugu-Tatali Districts of the Northern Region of Ghana and is traditionally prepared as a breakfast cereal or rice/couscous, and used in salads or stews or eaten as a side dish.

Health Benefits: Naturally 100% gluten-free, Fonio is rich in zinc, calcium, magnesium, and has a very low glycaemic index, controls diabetes, contains heart-healthy vitamins, minerals, methionine, and helps strengthen hair and nails. Fonio also helps prevent anemia, detoxes the liver, provides energy, and builds strong bones and teeth.


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