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Sphagnum Moss called "Sphagnum Magallanicus" is a plant in the moss family, which grows in swampy areas or freshwater wetlands, located on the heights of the central mountain range in Peru. Characteristics -It is a 100 vegetable substrate, has the property of being a passive water retainer, absorbing 20 times its weight in This allows plants to grow with constant humidity but not suitable for maintenance in ornamental plants such as orchids, blueberries, lawn substrate, special for golf courses, forest nurseries, plants in general, manufacture of diapers, surgical bandages , -It offers an extraordinary oxygenation process to the root of the plant which contributes to faster growth, allowing in the case of flowers a longer lifespan in their flowering stage - By retaining moisture for a long time, it allows not only to lengthen the watering intervals, but also retains fertilizers and - It is an improver of the lands , of a natural, organic, non-polluting type, which also effectively helps plants to create biological defenses, as a result of the summation of the properties indicated above -It provides antiseptic and bactericidal characteristics, since it provides a condom that helps the plant resist diseases and stop -It is a product without any contamination, since it grows in areas sterilized by itself and throughout the harvesting process , drying and packaging, only Sphagnum Moss is used is a self-regenerating vegetable, which returns to its harvest stage in a period of 3 to 4 years


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