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MACA PREMIUM   (Energizante Físico, Mental y Sexual)

Product description

Presentation: Bottles of 90 capsules (500 mg). 100% Pure and Natural


- Restorative and
- Increases Vigor and Fi Resistance
- It is supplement in activities
- Stimulates the Immune System
- Increases Libido and Desire
- Promotes and supports fertility in men and women
- Improves the quality of seminal fluid, increases sperm production and improves its viability and

Scientific Name: Lepidium Belongs to the Cruciferous family, is a herbaceous plant about 30 high, its leaves are green that are born on top of the tube The maca is a tuber yellow, light purple, violet or black, very similar to a turnip 1-3 long by 1-5 of At the top ends on a flat surface , from which the leaves sprout; the lower one is conical and elongates into a broad root and

Maca is native to Peru, grows in the Andes of Peru, can only develop at a height greater than 3,800 meters above sea level, especially in the pampas of Junín; It develops in a cold environment with strong winds and intense radiation It grows on steppes and mountain slopes, on a soil rich in

Brand: ALPHA NATURA, but we can also offer the label option


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