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maca andina el secreto de los incas

Product description

Maca vit
Everyone has heard of the restorative virtues of Maca, a kind of bulb that looks like a wrinkled, yellowish rabanito and has been highly publicized for several years as a sexual invigorating for older people, and is now sold not only under its original appearance, but also in powder, in pills, in syrups and in

Its use is advised as vitalizing you in children and young people, in the elderly and Its fertilizer property is known, so its use is advised in couples with difficulty for Maca has high concentrations of iodine, so in the territories where it is consumed there are almost no cases of

Its protein content superior to other roots and tubers, including its iron and calcium content is much higher than other plants, for this reason it is used as nourishment and medicine, thanks to this it is considered a plant food of great value energetic on the other hand the properties it contains, are innumerate, it is used during convalescence , malnutrition, loss of energy, weakening of the structure or

It is a root of the natural restorative Powerful Ande, for problems of anemia, physical exhaustion and Calcifies bones, raises the level of
Therapeutic indication:
Sexual restorative
Fatigue resistance
Balance of female hormone cycles
Lower cholesterol levels


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