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crema de caracol elicina

Product description


Treatment of stretch marks during or after pregnancy:

Prevents stretch marks from appearing in women
Effectively reduces and attenuates steed marks
It dissolves tissues left over from scarring and helps in the process of rebuilding new collagen and elastin on the skin (the effects are most noticeable if applied permanently).
Scar treatment:

Notable reduction in
Helps in the application of skin grafts making their scarring faster
Prevents alloids that mark
Treatment of rosacea acne, acne scar marks, warts:

Reduce redness in rosá acne
Treatment of acne infections
Reduces the sebum in the skin that blocks
Reduces the appearance of blackheads and pimples in both teens and
Acne scar marks, marks left by
Acts on scar tissue wounds and boils in leather or leather
Wrinkles due to aging, skin spots:

Normalizes the complexion, reduces age spots, dark pigmentation, hyperpigmentation
Helps in atypical dermatitis by stimulating moisture retention inside the skin by destroying the pató agents
Buried hairs, razor wounds, keratosis, soriasis:

Heals wounds caused by a
Removes redness from post-treatment electrolysis for removal of
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