PFA Lined Check Valve with Floating Ball

FREE-VALVE’s fluorine lined ball check valve is straight type three piece design and manufactured in full port uni-directional body design fully lined with FEP, PFA And PTFE having Flanged Ends.The valve uses PTFE as the rolling valve ball, the valve can be opened or closed by ball rolling up and down in the slide of the body chamber body under the medium acting.Under normal flow the valves solid PTFE ball is pushed away from it’s seat and fluid flows through the valve,  in a backwards flow condition the ball is pushed firmly back into it’s seat and prevents flow through the valve stopping process, etc.


1. The valve body adopts full bore, with large flow and small resistance.

2. Good sealing performance, noiseless closing, no water hammer.

3. Horizontal or vertical installation is acceptable.

4. Fully Lined Design to eliminate surface contact which provides maximum corrosion resistance

Technical Specification:

1. Size Range: DN15~DN200

2. Applicable Temperature: 0~200℃

3. Connection Type:Flange

4. Lining Material:PTFE , PFA , FEP

5. Body material:WCB, CF8 ,CF8M

6. Pressure test:GB/T13927, API598

7. Face to Face: GB/T12221, ASME B16.10


FREE-VALVE’s fluorine lined ball check valves are mainly used in cold water, chemical and other pipe networks to prevent media flow back.


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