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Product description

FREE-VALVE’s manual wafer type ceramic butterfly valves were operated in the harshest control environments and offers excellent resistant to cavitation which is major problem for process control The ceramic materials are applied to the most common problem areas within disc of butterfly ceramic materials are 6-8 times harder than stainless steels and the result is a control valve that functions properly in a harsh, abrasive service


Wafer type ceramic butterfly valves are light and easy to

The disc sealing ring and seat are both high performance High pure 99% Alumina, Zirconia and solid Tungsten carbide are used for wafer type ceramic butterfly Different ceramics materials are suitable for different

Body materials are selected on different

Ceramics are nearly universally chemical

Much longer service life than any other common butterfly valves, and save maintenance cost for customers,due to high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance of high performance

It has the inherent characteristic of the adjustable performance of butterfly

Technical Specification:

1) Size Range: NPS2~NPS12,DN100~DN300

2) Pressure Range:PN6-PN25

3) Applicable Temperature: 0~200℃

4) Connection Type: Flange,wafer

5) Sealing material: Engineering ceramics

6) Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

7) Pressure test:GB/T13927, API598

8) Face to Face: GB/T12221, ASME

9) Valve body : GB/T12224,ASME

Operating Mode: Pneumatic/manual


FREE-VALVE’s manual wafer type ceramic butterfly valves are suitable for all types of abrasive slurry including bauxite, Mining slag,Coal washing ,Ash Slurry, Ash,Grain,Quartz Sand,Metallurgical dust,etc

Price terms:FOB,CIF,FCA,CFR


Payment terms:TT,LC


Delivery time:30 days



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