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Product description

Wafer line machine[ ]
Founded in 2000, Gd China Wafer Machine Factory is a well-known manufacturer in China specializing in the large-scale design and manufacture of fully automatic wafer production lines of various models and With high technology and expert manufacturing processes and experience of many years of operation, the factory is able to produce several wafer production lines with reliable function characteristics , high performance, lower power consumption, convenient maintenance, easy operation without any contamination to nature,
The automatic wafer production line includes a baked machine tunnel, a leaf cooler, a cream-coated machine, a cooled vertical type cabinet, one machine cut with auxiliary machines such as a detection and pick-up machine, a cream mixer and a hectic machine,
In recent years, the factory sold wafer machines well on the world market and is exported to many countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Algeria, Romania, Poland, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Brazil,
We offer global after-sales services for international customers and our engineers and technicians will work efficiently to make machines run smoothly and in good condition
GD Wafer Machine Factory
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