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Enfajadora BP700 AS

Product description

Automatic packer
Maximum production of 10-12 packages per minute
Automatic conveyor belt in line with the machine
Mechanical device to cross-center the package on the film
Pneumatic weld bar
Cold blade film cut
Welder bar equipped with safety device
Motorized top and bottom unwinding
Independent electronic cards, one for the packer and one for the shrink tunnel, equipped with a 16-bit microprocessor
Backlit LCD panel
Memorization of 6 different duty cycles
Conveyor belt connecting the packer to the tunnel
Double or single chamber shrink tunnel
Air flow in the tunnel adjustable by independent baffles
Tunnel conveyor belt with very heat resistant fiberglass bars (SMI patent), which provide the following advantages:
- rigidity of the conveyor belt, which guarantees greater stability for products in transit: in this way compact and well heat-retracted packages are obtained
- Unlike traditional metal conveyor belts, fiberglass bars never rust
- Easy and economical maintenance thanks to the possibility of replacing only worn bars
Tunnel self-off system
Reduced energy consumption
Compliance with EC regulations
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