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Fajadora Automatica MFAJ 889

Product description

* It is widely used for mail distribution, post office, banks, bookstores, stores in general,
* MFAJ-889 offers uniform, belt insurance on various small measurements of loose items, such as banknotes, vouchers, books, mail bag, posters,
* MFAJ-889 Uses thermal sealing adhesive tape paper to ensure an airtight seal without leaving a stain or residue on the package
* Also suitable for heat-sealed polypropylene tape can group pharmaceuticals, package foods, lottery tickets or products
* Each machine is calibrated for a single width of tape, and features a patented mechanism to facilitate recording tape and power
* Calibration available: 30mm (1 & 5/32") . Special width and length of tape can be delivered upon request, printed tapes also available upon request
* Speed up to 25 cycles per
* Manufactured according to CE regulations


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