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Product description

ASTM high strength steel A572 alloy is available in plates, sheets, bars and ASTM high strength steel A572 is commonly used in a variety of structural applications like bridges and For certain applications, notch toughness may be an important requirements and should be addressed at the time the order is

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ASTM A572 steel material belongs to high strength low alloy It is produced in Grades 42, 50, 60 & 65—the grades representing the yield

ASTM A572 Steel Tensile Requirements:

Tensile: 75 ksi min

Yield: 60 ksi min

Elongation: 16% min in 8 15% min in 2 (for plates wider than )

Tests and Inspection:

Mill Certifications or Material Test Reports (MTR’s) are available upon your Material Test Reports (MTR) and Heat Charts listing plate specifications, as listed by the manufacturers from the Mills and from specific Heat Cycles from our ovens, are stored in our files,

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