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Product description

ASTM A830 1045 plate is a Chemistry plate, meeting the chemistry make-up listed The “10” designates a basic plain carbon steel and “45” designates the approximate carbon
Like the 1020 specification, the 1045 steel specification is included in the ASTM 830 family of The ASTM A830 specification covers approximately 48 Chemistry plates, ranging from G10060 – G15520, non-

Typical Application

Common uses of ASTM A : gears, shafts, axles, bolts, studs, sprockets, crushing equipment, pulverizers, & precision conveyor system parts, and other machine
1045 steel plate is also suitable for flame and induction
Precision Grinding capabilities:
(4) 40 long Plate Cutting Tables – Oxy-fuel Flame Cutting and Plasma cutting
Stress Relieving and Annealing
Blanchard Grinding, Surface Grinding
CNC Machining
Fabrications, and machine building
Mill Certifications or Material Test Reports (MTR’s) are available upon your Material Test Reports (MTR) and Heat Charts listing plate specifications, as listed by the manufacturers from the Mills and from specific Heat Cycles from our ovens, are stored in our files,


ASTM DesignationASTM 1045
Common PGI ; inquire for thicker plate
Minimum Yield Stress (ksi)45
Average Tensile Strength (ksi) 9
Elongation at Breakage16%
Brinell Hardness163
Knoop Hardness184
Approximate Hardness (Rb)84
Vickers Hardness170

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Harmonized commodity:
HS 370130: Photographic plates and film; in the flat, sensitised, unexposed, with any side exceeding 225mm, of any materials other than paper, paperboard or textiles
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