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Shanghai Katalor Enterprises , specializes in the sales and deep processing of steel plates, coils and steel Our steel products have a wide range of applications, covering the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, pressure vessels and boilers, oil and gas, bridge construction, offshore platforms, stamping cold forming, automotive manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, power

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If you're interested in our steel products, welcome to send inquiry to for

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Tel: 0086-15137876175
Fax: 0086-21-61182425


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Resumen Ejecutivo

Shanghai Katalor Enterprises Co., Ltd is a Chinese company . In addition, Shanghai Katalor Enterprises Co., Ltd is a wholesale vendor of 70 products listed on Comertia. These products include: A515Gr.70 carbon steel plate , SA516 Grade 70 485 carbon steel plate , Corten-A steel plates China, Q355GNH plate to GB/T 4171 weathering steel standard, ASTM A515 pressure vessel steel standard, A242 type 1 low alloy high strength steel supplier.

Shanghai Katalor Enterprises Co., Ltd was registered at Comertia on Thursday, April 18, 2019 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Metallurgy.

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