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ASTM 60 Steel Equivalent: HII in DIN 17155 standard, P265GH in

Top quality ASTM 60 steel pressure vessel plates are supplied for many 60 pressure vessel plates must be killed and made to a fine grain Plates over 1-1/2” thick must be Additionally, when impact (notch toughness) tests are required on plates up to 1-1/2” thick, the plates must be

ASTM A516 is the most commonly used specification of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for pressure vessel A516Gr65 is used for pressure vessel plates for moderate and lower temperature service where improved notch toughness is It calls for a silicon-killed steel made to fine grain practice by adding

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The excellent through-thickness properties, which minimise the risk of lamellar tearing in heavy weldments are a result of low sulphur content and clean steel making practices being

Pressure vessel steels to ASTM A516 are readily weldable by the usual metal-arc welding When welding thicker plates in the higher Attention must be paid to the possible need for preheating, especially at lower heat Reference should be made to a document such as the British Standards Institution Specification BS 5135: 1984, ‘Specifications for arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels’. The values of the carbon equivalent (CE) should be calculated from the values for the chemical composition on the test certificate for the plates

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