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Product description

Abrasion Resistant Steel AR400 Plate Description:

AR400 steel is the most commonly used wear-resistant steel AR400 abrasion resistant steel plate combines various beneficial qualities, such as good cold-formability and AR400 abrasion resistant steel increases product’s service life to five times longer than conventional structural

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Abrasion Resistant Steel AR400 Plate Features

AR400 abrasion resistant steel plates have good processing In addition to the excellent hardness and wear resistance, the incredible weldability and low tendency of cold-cracking are also most beneficial properties of the abrasion resistant Toughness and cold-forming behaviour as well as resistance to impact wear are the key factors even in the most challenging conditions such as low

AR400 abrasion resistant steel plates are available in thickness form 3mm to AR400 abrasion resistant steel plates are typically made in the as-rolled Many abrasion resistant steel plate manufacturers produce their own brand of abrasion resistant steel and these are usually distinguished by a brand name followed by the hardness of the steel which is measured in Brinell

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