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Product description

LXLZ paper pulp pump

LXLZ two-phase flow paper pulp pump is a new type of impurity pump designed and manufactured to transport solid-liquid two-phase fluids/slurry/pulp according to the advanced two-phase flow theory at home and abroad.

Paper pulp pump is indispensable equipment in the paper industry, its four advantages are: high efficiency, durable, the pulp pump corrosion resistance is good, energy saving.

Paper pulp pump is suitable for conveying high concentration slurry, general concentration up to 6%. The pump has small volume, light weight. LXLZ type pulp pump is widely used in paper making, mining, coal, electric power, food, urban sewage, sugar, transportation and other departments to transport solid-liquid two-phase mediums.

Paper pulp pump has the structural characteristics: ① bearing part with grease lubrication, oil lubrication and grease dual use and other different structures for different speed pump models.② The seal has packing seal, mechanical seal, blade power seal, suitable for a variety of different media and pressure engineering.(3) The two-phase flow theory is used to design the flow parts. The materials are ordinary cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant high chromium cast iron, suitable for different occasions. (4) The pump head part is the front and rear door structure, convenient maintenance without disassembly of the pipeline.

LXLZ Pulp pump has the performance characteristics: ① good cavitation resistance, long life, the actual service life than ordinary pulp pump can be improved 2-3 times.② Energy saving: the operating efficiency is 3-10 percentage points higher than the average pulp pump. Energy-saving, consumption reduction up to 15-30%.(3) anti-blocking, conveying pulp concentration up to 6%

Impeller of LXLZ type pulp pump adopts the latest non-clogging theory design, optimize the single, double channel impeller, open, half open, swirling impeller characteristics to have three-blade open impeller.


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