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Product description

R-type hot water circulation pump is a single-stage single suction and two-stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pump, suitable for metallurgical, power plants, chemical and other departments, used for conveying high-pressure hot water below 250 ℃ without solid particles. The temperature of the hot water being transported is 250 ℃, and the inlet pressure of the pump is 5MPa; The temperature of hot water should not exceed 250 ℃, and the inlet pressure of the pump should not exceed 3MPa.

Structural characteristics

It mainly consists of the pump body, impeller, shaft, cooling chamber, pump body bracket, suspension, sealing components, sealing rings, etc. The pump inlet is horizontally axial, and the outlet is vertically upward. The impeller undergoes static balance verification and is fixed on the shaft together with the impeller nut and shaft sleeve. The pump shaft is supported on the suspension by a pair of single row radial thrust ball bearings and a single row radial ball bearing (or single row radial cylindrical pineapple bearing). The pump body is connected to the cooling chamber and suspension by bolts. The pump is directly driven by the motor through an elastic coupling. From the transmission end, the pump rotates clockwise. The seal of the pump adopts a floating sealing ring seal or a high-temperature and high-pressure mechanical seal; The axial force of the pump is borne by a single row of centripetal thrust ball bearings, and some pumps use impellers with back blades to balance the axial thrust; The floating ring sealing components and suspension components are both equipped with cooling chambers, and the external cooling water volume is 0.3-O.6m3/h.

Main uses

Suitable for departments such as metallurgy, power plants, plastics, rubber, textiles, chemicals, wood, and paper. It is suitable for conveying hot water with a temperature below 250 ℃ and does not contain solid particles. It is also an ideal pump for conveying circulating hot water in various heating devices.

Shaft seal form

Gland packing seals or mechanical seals can be matched with heat exchangers according to user needs.

Material of parts

According to different pressures, the materials of the main components are: Class I: QT500-7; Class II: ZG230-450; Class III: ZG3Cr13

Model Description

Example: 100R-37A;

100- inlet diameter of 100mm;

R - represents the hot water circulation pump;

37- represents a pump design point lift of 37m;

A - Change in impeller outer diameter.


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