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Product description

II series LED 700/700 Operating Light  Double Dome Shadowless LED Operating Room Light Hospital Surgical Light

Feature for 700/700 shadowless operating lamp:
Medeco II LED 700 700 LED Operating Lamp the lamp diameter is 700mm ,that ensure the  illuminatnce could reach 180,000lux, its an ideal lighting technical equipment for modern operating room and purification operating room.


The color temperature could adjust based on demands from 3500K ±300K to 5000K ±300K,which is very close to natural daylight.the lamp help the surgeon to distinguish between pathological and healthy tissue.


The standard configuration for LED 700/700 LED Operating Lamp :

Two 700 lamp head with fours sterilzer handling

Two Chinese Round Balance Arm

Round Bottom Falun Plate Light Base

Two Rotating Arm.


Option for LED 700/700 Operating Light:

Chinese 360°unlimited rotating Square Arm

Germany Imported Ondal 360°unlimited rotating Square Arm

UPS Emergency Battery, which support3-4 hours whent he power is stopped



Country of origin:
II LED 700/700 Operating Lamp
Minimum order: