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Product description

Medical Surgical Disposable Anorectal Ligator Stapler With CE Certification

Advantages of Anorectal Ligator Staplers: 

1.Data visualization
   Real time reading of pressure gauge, accurate control

2. Automatic take up
   "One button" will tighten the elastic line
    Simplify the operation process and realize efficient operation

3. High clinical cost performance
    Equipped with 6 elastic wires and 6 aprons
    It can handle multiple hemorrhoids

4. Strong operability
    The manual negative pressure ligation stapler has got rid of the problem
    The traditional ligator needs the bondage of external negative pressure machine
    It really realizes the high-efficiency ligation operation

Elbow B
The elbow has a unique angle and is easy to operate
Direct to the root of hemorrhoids
Inhalation of more and deeper tissue
better curative effect

Split type C
Dual use dual choice
The elastic cord/ apron is selected by the operatoraccording to the operation needs.


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Disposable Anorectal Ligator Stapler
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