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Product description

Automatic PET blowing machine for bottles with volume and output 3 000 Patented mold closing system: 1500 bph from one mold CE certificate and conformity to

The price depends on your

Technical data

Output, bottles/h: 3 000*

Bottle volume, l: 0,25-2,0

Blowing pressure, bar: up to 40

Low pressure, bar: 8-10

High pressure air demand, m3/min (bottle 1,5 l): 3,6

LOW pressure air demand, m3/min (bottle 1,5 l): 1,3

Cooling liquid temperature, 0C: 7-9

Voltage supply: 400V/50Hz

Installed power, kW: 33

Overall dimensions, mm: 6400X2800X2300

Weight, kg: 2350

*1,5 liter with 35 PCO-Preform

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