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Description of activity

PET Technologies is a leading European manufacture of stretch blow molding equipment and blow The headquater is in Austria and plant in

PET Technologies Company provides professional and modem turn-key solutions for PET market

Our main customers are the manufacturers of food industry (dairy products, edible oil, vinegar, water, soft drinks, beer ), chemical industry (household and automobile chemicals), and converters (PET bottles suppliers for sale).

Our blow moulding equipment has been successfully operating at above 250 factories in more than 10 countries of Europe and Middle East as well as in CIS

PET Technologies is focused at the implementation of European innovative technologies in blow moulding equipment and blow moulds manufacturing at optimal

The whole range of machines meets all the norms and directives of European quality standard CE and HACCP requirements for food industry, has certificates of conformity to CIS countries

PET Technologies general response:

complex solutions

• design of filling lines for mineral water and soft drinks, vegetable oil, milk as well as for other food and non-food products;

• engineering;

• complete turn-key filling lines supply;

• filling line start up;

• sales and after-sales

blow molding equipment

• equipment development for all kinds of PET containers;

• fully automatic equipment production (up to 12000 bph);

• universal semi-automatic

blow molds

• PET bottles design, 3D models and sketches development;

• prototyping;

• production of blow molds for linear and rotary machines;

• laboratory tests of bottle strength properties;

• contract


• customers' personnel training;

• equipment start up;

• free service during guarantee period;

• spare parts and consumable materials

Organization Details

Distribution or wholesale