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Product description

ASTM A672 Carbon Steel Welded Pipe has A672 Grade C55 welded pipe, ASTM A672 C60 welded pipe, A 672 Grade C70 These A672 welded pipes are used various pipeline transportation systems such as in the natural gas and petroleum A 672 welded pipe also quite appropriate for conveying water, oil and ASTM A672 standardizes transportation systems in the materials, offshore structures and equipment for petrochemical, natural gas and petroleum

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ASTM A672 Grade C55 welded pipe, also reaching the same at the right time and at the right destination is the priority for We have efficiency in manufacturing capability & production flexibility to respond to the most dynamic & complex needs of our We are exceptional in providing best quality ASTM A 672

ASTM A672 C60 welded pipe is highly useful in various industries Automobile, LNG, Desalination, Defense, Aerospace, Cross Country Pipe Line for Gas & Water, Atomic Energy, Thermal, Nuclear and Solar Power Plants, sugar industry, hydro carbon process, LPG cylinders, corrosion resistant steel, precision tubes and medium or high carbon grades, critical structural application

ASTM A 672 Grade C70 welded pipes chemical composition includes carbon max, Manganese, molybdenum and It allows certain mechanical properties such as Yield Strength (Mpa) 37 and Tensile Strength (Mpa) as