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SA516 Grade 70/485 carbon steel plate supplier China

SA516 Grade 70 or SA516 Grade 485 steel is an American standard container plate for medium and low temperature pressure SA516 Grade 70/485 carbon steel plates are intended primarily for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is

Steel standard: ASMESA516

  Corresponding material of SA516Gr70: SA516Gr485

  SA516Gr70 common specifications: 5-205mm

  Width: 1,500mm to 2,500mm

  Length: 6,000mm to 12,000mm

  Process of Manufacturing : Hot-Rolled (HR)

  Heat Treatment : Rolled/Normalised/N+T/QT

 Common delivery status: hot rolling, controlled rolling, normalizing, thickness greater than 40mm must be

SA516 Grade 70/485 carbon steel plates are widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other Equipment and components such as petroleum gas cylinders, high-pressure water pipes for hydropower stations, and turbine


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