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Product description

A572Gr50 steel is a kind of high-strength low-alloy columbium-vanadium structural 8 to 300 mm A572Gr50 steel plates are widely used in engineering structures, such as construction steel structures, construction machinery, mining machinery, trucks, bridges, pressure vessels, , especially for better weldability And tough construction and engineering machinery

Grade Q345 is a steel It is (C < ) and is widely used in buildings, bridges, vehicles, ships, pressure vessels, Q stands for this material, the number 345 refers to this material’s yield strength is around 345 As the thickness of the material increases, its yield value Grade Q345 can be divided into Q345A, Q345B, Q345C, Q345D, Q345E according to quality class They represent mainly different temperatures of

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  1. Difference between A572Gr50 Steel and Q345 Steel in Chemical Composition

Q345 Steel Chemical Composition (%):

Q345A: C≤ , Mn ≤ , P≤ , S≤ ;

Q345B: C≤ , Si≤ , Mn ≤ , P≤ , S≤ ;

Q345C: C≤ , Si≤ , Mn ≤ , P≤ , S≤ , Al≥ ;

Q345D: C≤ , Si≤ , Mn ≤ , P≤ , S≤ , Al≥ ; Q345E: C≤ , Si≤ , Mn ≤ , P≤ , S≤ , Al≥ ;

Q345A, B, C, D, E all contain Nb≤ , V≤ , Ti≤ , Cr≤ , Ni≤ , Cu≤ , N≤ , Mo≤ .

Q345 Steel Chemical Composition (%):

C≤ , Mn≤ P≤ S≤ ~

For steel plates with a thickness of less than (40mm) Si≤ ; for steel plates with a thickness of more than (40mm) d≤ ~ .

  1. Difference between A572Gr50 Steel and Q345 Steel in Mechanical Properties

Q345 plate mechanical properties:

Yield strength σs (MPa) A ~ E ≥345

Tensile strength Rm / MPa A ~ E 470 ~ 630

Elongation after breaking A /% A / B ≥20 C / D / E ≥21

Impact work Akv / J (Nominal thickness 12mm ~ 150mm) ≥34

Mechanical properties of A572Gr50 Steel:

Yield strength σs (MPa) ≥345

Tensile strength Rm / MPa ≥450

Minimum elongation A /% (200mm gauge): 18

Minimum elongation A /% (50mm gauge): 21

Impact work Akv / J ≥34

  1. Difference between A572Gr50 Steel and Q345 Steel in Application

A572Gr50 steel plate is an American standard low alloy plate, equivalent to the Chinese grade A572Gr50 plates are generally used in construction and various engineering machinery, such as drilling rigs, power shovel, electric wheel dump trucks, mining trucks, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and other machinery Equipment and other structural


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