ASTM A53Gr.A Schedule 80 Seamless Pipes are Low Carbon Steel Pipes with 0.25 % carbon content with combination of 0.95 % manganese. These Pipes are also known as mild steel pipes and tubes. ASTM A53Gr.A schedule 80 pipes are low-cost Pipes easy to form and shape. These pipes are manufactured as per ASTM A53 Specification and commercially referred as cs pipes or ms pipes. A53Gr.A Low Carbon Steel Pipes are not as hard as hig carbon steel pipes,Though carburizing can increase its surface hardness.

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There are three types of pipes covered in ASTM A53.

 Type F – Furnace-butt welded continuous welded Pipe.

Grade A welded Pipe

This type of pipe is made by continues coil, and the longitudinal joint is welded by forge welding. In which set of rollers is used that create mechanical pressure to joined heated ends.

Type E – Electric-resistance welded.

Grade A and Grade B Electric-resistance welded Pipes

This type of pipe is made by continues coil, and the longitudinal joint is welded heat produced by electric resistance between opposite ends of the pipe. In this process also, set of rollers are used to join heated ends. The weld seam of Grade Bpipes is heat treated after welding to a minimum of 540°C.

Type S – Seamless ASTM A53 Schedule 80 Pipe

Grade A and Grade B seamless pipes

These ASTM A53Gr.A Schedule 80 pipes can be bare pipes without any coating, or it may be Hot-Dipped or Zinc-Coated and manufactured by Welding or by a Seamless manufacturing process.

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