API Spec 5L X42 pipe

API Spec 5L PSL1 X42 steel line pipe is a higher grade than API 5L B welded applied in oil and gas pipeline systems. Since API 5L has various grades up to X100, so API Spec 5L grade x42 is an low-medium level still, therefor it requires large quantities in most of pipelines.

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API Spec 5L PSL1 X42 Steel Line Pipes Specification

Grades: X42 or L290 (N,M,Q,R)

Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2

Manufacturing types: ERW, SAW, (LSAW, SSAW), SEAMLESS (SMLS)

Pipe Sizes: 1/2” to 40” (SEAMLESS), 1/2” to 24” (ERW), 16” to 60” (LSAW)

Steel Pipe Schedule (Wall thickness): SCH 10, SCH 20, SCH 40, SCH STD, SCH 80, SCH XS, SCH XXS, SCH 120, SCH 160

Length range: Random length 5 to 12 meters, fixed length 20 ft (6 meter), 40 ft (12 meter)

Coating types: 3PE, FBE, black painting, varnished, Inside CRA clad or lined pipe

Ends type: Beveled and Plain

Ends protection: Plastic or iron steel caps

For line pipe API Spec 5L PSL1 X42 type, the delivery conditions includes as rolled (R), normalizing rolled, thermomechanical rolled and formed, normalizing formed, normalized, and tempered or quenched and tempered.

In case line pipe API Spec 5L PSL2 X42, delivery condition is M (thermomechanical rolled or formed), N (Normalizing), Q (Quenched). So when we check API 5L specification of pipe grade in X42 or L290, always comes with a suffix letter, R, M, N or Q.

Now let’s check the API 5L X42 chemical chemical composition and mechanical strength.

Chemical Composition for API Spec 5L PSL1 X42 Steel Line Pipes

Chemical composition property is C≤0.28%, Mn≤1.3%, P≤0.030%, S≤0.030%, Nb+V ≤ 0.06%, V+Nb+Ti ≤ 0.15%, and the properties of chemical element Mn maximum more 0.1% than Grade B.

The maximum content of the chemicals for the welded steel line pipe is lower than seamless steel line pipe.

Above specifications for API 5L X42 is under the condition of PLS1, in case of API 5L X 42 PSL2, the chemical properties and tensile strength is more strictly than PSL1.

Tensile strength for  API Spec 5L PSL1 X42 Line Pipes

API 5L X42 line pipes Min Yield Strength is 42100 Psi, 290 Mpa (As we called L290), Tensile Strength is the same with API 5L B 60200 Psi, 415 Mpa , Min Elongation: 21%. So compared to API 5L Gr.B steel line pipe, API 5L X42 steel pipe tensile strength is higher 6600 Psi, 45 Mpa.

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