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Product description

Bed restraint systems.When to use a bed restraint?It is common knowledge that in certain cases of senile dementia or other pathologies it is necessary to immobilize the patient in a certain way. This is done to limit the patient's movement as a last resort for their safety or for the safety of caregivers and/or family members around them.Bed restraint systems try to immobilize the patient to the bed by having different models to adapt to the needs of the patient and / or caregivers.Its use has to be recommended and supervised by a healthcare professional. In this sense, there are action protocols that must be followed in case of their use in order to be beneficial and effective and fulfill their therapeutic function.In certain countries in fact, its use is not allowed. For these cases, Ubiotex has developed in parallel other protection systems whose function is to mitigate the possible consequences in case of fall.ModelsWe have different materials and types of closure to adapt to the different needs of users and / or caregivers. In particular:- Materials: padding, polypropylene and canvas- Locking systems: buckle, magnet, Ironclip Which model to choose?It will depend on the characteristics of the patient. In extreme cases, we recommend the Ironclip closure system because it is more resistant and durable.In cases where it is necessary to wash the product at more than 40 degrees, we recommend polypropylene and canvas belts.


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