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URBASTEEL -Estructuras-Cerramiento Pistas de Padel

Product description

We can classify the paddle tracks according to the type of enclosure they have, the tracks with wall closure and the tracks with closure of

The first ones are cheaper tracks but with worse old age than those of glass, they are recommended more their installation when you have a lot of ground, since they consume a lot of visual space and are not so attractive to watch the game from the

. The pavements

We can talk about two types of paving, porous pavements and non-porous pavements, porous pavements allow the passage of water so they are completely flat the seconds do not allow the passage of water through them therefore must be installed with a slope of at least 1%, although both are approved by the regulations , we recommend installing the porous for gameplay, especially if the track is

On the pavements must be installed a finish, the most common is the placement of artificial turf,this lawn is for sporty use, height of filaments between 13mm and 15mm that can be installed on porous pavements and on non-

In the case of not installing artificial turf, the tracks may be finished with an acrylic paint on the porous pavement or with a slurry or synthetic resin in the case of pavements not

. The steel and glass structure

Our steel structure has been modified over time as a result of Urbasport's experience in the market to adapt it to the gameplay criteria provided by advice from professionals in the sector players and coaches, resulting in an aesthetic track, very functional and resistant to the passage of time in the most weather conditions

Paddle tracks must pass the most rigorous tests to ensure the high quality standards imposed by the quality control management of

The peculiarity of Urbasport is to subject its structures to highly rigorous sequential tests that certify its strength and the characteristics of the materials

Quality is verified throughout the entire production line and over time, through usage simulations, in situations

To ensure their quality and longevity as well as the highest level of demand all materials are subjected to controls through different such as immersion in saline solutions to measure corrosion resistance, caused by atmospheric agents, and water

In addition, the aesthetic duration of the materials, exposed to intense and prolonged irradiation of ultraviolet rays, is checked to pass the color stability test

We have also subjected the structure to wind studies in order to ensure its stability and the safety of users in the most

. Glass

The glass can be 10 mm or 12 mm thick to be chosen by the customer with polished edges and polished and countersink holes for fastening to the metal structure of the Glass is subjected to a tempering process that gives excellent resistance to impacts and temperature changes without external changes

Wall Tracks

Wall tracks are built with prefabricated concrete blocks or precast concrete panels, they are more economical tracks than those of

It replaces what on the glass tracks with the wall and the rest is a enclosure that can be of two types:

-Simple torque mesh: very economical enclosure

-Electrowelded mesh: similar to that of steel and glass structures, very long-lived and aesthetic

Why Urbasport?


Urbasport continuously improves the processes of treatment of steel structures with the most appropriate and environmentally friendly anticorrosive processes such as plaforization, a process that we are introducing into our chain of

But it is also important to have technicians and qualified personnel who sequence the construction phases to achieve a final quality


Urbasport offers written guarantees of its products endorsed by internationally renowned insurers, depending on the system chosen you will receive a guarantee certificate

Affordable prices

Ask us for advice on the paddle track that best suits your needs and sign up for , we usually launch offers for this type of works, do not miss the


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