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Product description

XtraGrow is the World's First Premium Organic Plant Based Fertilizer. This revolutionary technology goes back to the basics of nutrition density giving plants what they need, when they need it and not force feeding them.

Plants grow faster, healthier, are more pest resistant and produce significantly more flowers and produce than other fertilizers. See trial pictures below showing over 300% increases by weight of production vs. other fertilizers and over 1000% increases vs. unfed.

PREMIUM ORGANIC - this is the highest standard and only XtraGrow has achieved it! {See GPC: 30019049} There are no industrial wastes or restaurant wastes, no heavy metals, no chemical processes, no unpleasant smells, no compost and no manure in XtraGrow.

XtraGrow is OMRI listed, suitable for VEGAN gardens since it contains no animal products whatsoever. XtraGrow is grains and legumes and other plant matter made directly available via our proprietary process and works as a Rhizome enhancer yielding incredible healthy soil!

XtraGrow can be used any time of year at any stage of plant growth or soil preparation. XtraGrow works best in the top 2" of soil.


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United States
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XtraGrow Plant Food and Soil Nourishment
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