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XtraGrow is the World's First Premium Organic Plant based fertilizer. Why is that important? It outperforms other types of fertilizer and it does so with no smell, no heavy metals, no compost, no industrial wastes! Why? Because it is truly PREMIUM. None of the ingredients of XtraGrow are chemically processed, rather XtraGrow is plants feeding plants. Other organic fertilizers are usually animal feeds, fed to animals, and then composted by bacteria so there is very little nutrition left. XtraGrow is based on Nutrition Density! A few tablespoons feeds most plants for an entire growing season! The total cost to feed vs. the production enhancements you will experience make XtraGrow one of the best values on the market today. me about of affiliate program or about bulk sales and licensing in your state. XtraGrow is 100% USA based ingredients, manufactured in Texas and we control the entire process to ensure quality standards and nationwide fulfillment. Our average order to ship time via UPS six days a week is under 12 hours. me for more details:

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75077 TX
United States

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XtraGrow LLC is a American company located in the city of HIGHLAND VILLAGE in TX. In addition, XtraGrow LLC is a wholesale vendor of 1 product listed on Comertia. This product is: XtraGrow Plant Food and Soil Nourishment.

XtraGrow LLC was registered at Comertia on Thursday, December 2, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Other.

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