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Product description

MAGIDO GROUP, a global manufacturer of washing machines of a La Magido, was created in 1986 by a group of technicians, was implemented in 2000 in its new headquarters Pagano, where it was named Magido Group Currently one of the most important manufacturers of machines for washing parts, has a factory installed in the USA to directly meet the needs of the market Magido washing machines are constructed of stainless steel, operate in closed circuit, and have a sprinkler system that recirculates the water plus the detergent inside the washing machine getting the washing and degreasing of the parts placed inside the All models have a basket that rotates to facilitate the homogeneous washing of the Respect the environment since they work with biodegradable detergents and Magido machines for washing and degreasing parts are used to clean almost all types of metal or plastic parts, ideal for workshops or manufacturing processes Rotary basket washing machines are able to degreasing machining or stamping parts or cleaning tools They are valid machines for both maintenance work and to implant them in production cells The X53 range of washing machines is designed for washing and degreasing bulky parts and For this purpose it has a number of optional elements, also available in the lower models, which in this range included as standard: automatic vertical door opening, steam vacuum cleaner, automatic loading and unloading of the tank and service trolley These parts washers are ideal for washing workshop parts (workshop washing machine).Depending on the tank capacity and basket diameter we can find several specific models for the X53 range we can find 3 models of washing machine:

  • L160 Square basket 1100 x 1100, 320 liters of tank capacity and 700 load in
  • L190 Square basket 1300 x 1300, 420 liters of tank capacity and 700 load in
  • L210 Square basket 1500 x 1500, 550 liters of tank capacity and 700 load in

Note: You can manufacture machines modified in height and weight or add elements For more information visit:


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