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Product description

- X10CrAlSi7 material is a ferritic heat-resistant steel showing resistance to sulfur compounds, reducing and carburizing gases, which can operate in temperatures up to 800 in a non-aggressive is used in the production of load-bearing elements, parts of steam boilers, construction of soot blowers, supports for heaters, hubcaps, sliding rails, chains and sieves, parts in the automotive, energy and metallurgical grade during welding and after the

Mechanical and physical properties of , X10CrAlSi7 steel

Tensile strength, Rm: 420 - 620 MPa
The yield point, Rp0,2: >220 MPa

Elongation, A:> 15%
Hardness, HB: <192
Specific resistance, Ω: mkOhm * m
Linear expansion coefficient, α: 5 - 0 * 10-6 K-1
Thermal conductivity, λ: 0 W * m-1 * K-1
Thermal capacity, cp: 450 J * kg-1 * K-1



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