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Product description

SPIROX PRO from Meditech

The portable pulmonary function measurement instrument can be used to measure vital capacity (VC), forced vital capacity (FVC), Maximum Ventilator Volume (MVV). Measurement algorithm refers to the ITS, ERS standards of the American Thoracic Society (ATS)

Measuring principle
When be normally breathing, the gas passed through the flow On both sides of the screen of the sensor will produce different The pressure is detected by the sensor, which is converted to electrical After the signal amplification, AD converter sampling, the pressure is converted to digital signal into the computer
Through digital signal processing and analyzing technology, computer system reproduces the breathing waves that are displayed on the LCD together with analyzed In the end the built-in printer prints out the analysis use filter

Single use mouth set

Nose clip


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Meditech Spirox PRO Comes with Spirosoft System for Data Tra