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Product description

Small and sturdy, ergonomic and intuitive, economical and powerful, the Dr. Pac 7000
is tailor-made for personal monitoring at the site of This
innovative single-gas detection equipment is equipped with a wide range of
functions and is suitable for many different applications in work practice
It convinces by its enormous reliability and a rapid warning of concentrations
CO, CO2, Cl2, HCN, H2S, NH3, NO2, O2, PH3 or SO2 harmful to

Small and sturdy
With a compact, manageable and
pocket size, the Dr. Pac 7000
is tailor-made for monitoring
staff at work El
size and the great robustness of the team have
specially adapted for a
Intervention The rugged housing
beaten is coated with a protection
rubber and is resistant to products
chemists plus The Drager
Pac 7000 meets IP requirements
Moreover, radiation protection
electromagnetic has been optimized
A stainless steel clip
with crocodile closure, solid and strong,
ensures a safe fixation on the
To allow individual preferences, the
crocodile clip is rotating and both
alarm lights are placed diagonally
opposite at the end of the
A simple battery and sensor change
are essential features for
a long life of

Concentration display/display
The screen for concentration uses
un written text (to avoid problems with
language), showing all the information in
form of large numbers or yes In
alarm or pressing a
button lights up a lighting of
background for a better screen
continuously shows the concentration
current as well as warning and
In addition, you can consult
the corresponding peak concentrations,
the average concentration (TWA value) and the
short-term exposure (STEL value)
period of measurement

New sensor technology "in
miniature" Dr. XXS
The equipment is equipped with a new
Technology of The Small Size
sensor supports sensor-oriented design
use of the Due to a few short distances
dissemination on the team and times
very fast electro-chemical reaction
on the new sensors, dangers from concentration
gases are shown
The sensor is positioned in such a way that
way in the housing that the entrance of
gas is above and from the Esta
position minimizes the danger of closure
unforeseen opening of entry


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