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Product description

The corten A steel plate is featured by the following items:

Corrosion resistance- this alloy consists of copper, nickel and high amount of These metals add some anti-corrosive When these plates are exposed to the atmosphere, the copper combines with steel which forms a shielding layer which is easy to protect from

Weather resistance- when the corten A steel plate is exposed to the atmosphere they form a layer over its surface known as The patina layer thus formed acts upon the atmospheric attack keeping the underlying surface

Paint durability- these plates do not require to be

Weldability- the corten A steel plates are having good mechanical properties and can be easily

High tensile strength- with the presence of copper in this alloy its tensile strength increases too much

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The Corten A Plates are in great demand in the industrial business The reason for this is that they are much more used in the construction business They are much more safe and efficient than the other steel They are durable for much longer They are being manufactured with the best quality raw material and products to provide it more and more

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