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Product description

BV steels come many grades in ordinary-strength and two levels of higher-strength Shipbuilding steel BV Grade B is ordinary strength marine BV Grade B steel plates are suitable for container and bulk cargo vessels as well as cruise ships, ferries and

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BV Grade B steel equivalents include LR Grade A, CCS Grade A, GL Grade A, ABS, Grade A, NV Grade A, BV Grade A, and RINA Grade All BV Grade B ordinary-strength shipbuilding steel is specified as 34,000 psi (235 MPa), except for BV Grade B in thicknesses of greater than 1 inch (25 mm) which has yield strength of 32,000 psi (225 MPa).

BV Grade B Steel Plates Specification:

Thickness: 4mm to 260mm,

Width: 1200mm to

Length: 3000mm to

BV Grade B Ship Steel Delivery Conditions:

BV Grade B Delivery Condition: AR(As hot rolled only), TMCP, Q+T(Quenching+Tempering), N(Normalizing),CR( Control rolled only)

The maximum thickness of BV Grade B shipbuilding steel products is 4 [100 mm] for plates and 2 [50 mm] for shapes and

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