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Product description

The flowmeter is used for control measurements or to quickly detect the flow in an ultrasonic pipe, making it a transportable and easy-to-install measuring system. The flowmeter works based on the transit time methodology. The measurement principle of the flowmeter is very simple.
Measuring range:
-32 ... +32 m/s
0.0001 m/s
Accuracy for DN ≥ 50 mm:
±1,5 % of the measured value
Accuracy for DN < 50 mm:
±3,5 % of the measured value
±1,0 % of the measured value
Any liquid with an impurity of less than 5% and a flow greater than 0.03 m³/h
Flow units:
Cubic meter [m³]
Liter [l]
Gallon (USA) [gal]
Imperial Gallon (UK) [igl]
Millions of US gallons [mgl]
Cubic feet [cf]
Barrel (USA) [bal]
Imperial Barrel (UK) [ib]
Barrel of oil [ob]
Adjustment time:
per day [/ d]
per hour [/ h]
per minute [/m]
and per second [/s]
Data logger:
60,000 values
USB (for online measurement and reading of internal memory)
Type of protection:
Rechargeable Ni-H / 2100 mAh battery (12 hours of operation on a full charge)
100 .. 240 V/AC 50-60Hz
214 x 104 x 40 mm
450 g
Nominal width DN 50 ... 700 mm, 57 ... 720 mm
-30 ... 160 ºC (measurements > 80ºC require coupling gel for high temperature (K-GEL))
Sensor size:
50 x 45 x 45 mm
Sensor weight:
260 g
1 x PCE-TDS 100H Ultrasonic Flowmeter
2 x TDS-M1 Sensors (PCE-TDS 100H)
2 x 5m extension cord
2 x Velcro flanges
1 x Power supply
1 x Coupling gel
1 x Flexometer
1 x Carrying case
1 x Instructions for use