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Product description

ANEMOMETRO MODEL MDA-11 , Measures the speed of dislocation of airflow in units m/s, ft/min, knots, km/h and mph and temperature in C and
20oC to 60oC / -4oF to 140oF
mph (miles per hour):
knots (nautical miles per hour):
ft/min (feet per minute):60ft/min x 5900ft/min
m/s (meters per second):
8: Instruction Manual, Propeller and 9V Battery

Display: Main - 4 Digits (100000 Counts). Secondary - 3 1/2 Digits (2000 Counts).
- Battery Indication Exhausted: The indication is displayed on top of the display when the battery voltage is below the operating voltage
- Average Time for Wind Speed Measurement:
- Sampling Rate for Temperature Measurement: 1 time/
- Data
- Auto Power Off: 10
- Display Lighting Function (Backlight).
- Maximum / Minimum / Maximum Record - Me
- Medium mode 2 / 16
- MultiPoint Medium Mode: 8 points more
- Operating environment: 0oC to 50oC, RH < 75%.
- Ambiente de Almacenamiento: -20°C a 55°C, RH < 80%.
- Alimentación: 1 batería de
- Duración da Batería: 200 horas (típico).
- Dimensiones: Instrumento: 160(Al) x x 35(P) Hélice: 370(Al) x 75(An) x 45(P) Extensión del Cable:
- Peso: 390g (Con batería y hélice).


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Industrial sector: