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How does Comertia help you increase sales?

  1. Get more leads
    Attract more leads
    List your products in Comertia to benefit from the high traffic that we receive.
  2. Save time
    Save time
    We collect requests for information (RFI) for you. You can view, evaluate and respond them in a single place.
  3. Get a high SEO value link
    Improve the SEO of your website 
    List your company in our business directory to obtain a high value SEO link to your website.
  4. Grain reputation and grow your business network
    Grain reputation and grow your business network
    Be an active member of our community, help answering questions from users like you, show your expertise and you will earn valuable business connections.

Comertia helps connecting procurement professionals to suppliers and manufacturers; both, locally and on over 50 countries, in English and Spanish language.