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Product description

Sewage submersible pump

QW submersible sewage pump is made of cast iron or stainless steel. The pump is equipped with wide flow channel impeller (single flow channel or double flow channel) and volute case to convey the wastewater/sewage with big solid particle or long fiber etc. impurity.



QW(WQ) submersible non-clog sewage pump is composed of motor and pump, separated by oil isolation chamber and mechanical seal assembly. It is a mechatronics wastewater treatment pump. Motor and pump use the same shaft (rotor), the whole pump is short in length and compact in structure. The pump is equipped with a variety of protection devices, it has the safe and reliable operation.

Signal line: Equipped with full protection pump control cabinet, the pump is fully protected, including leakage, phase break, short circuit, overheating, motor overload and other items.

Motor stator: Grade B or F insulation.

Leakage probe: The element is installed in the oil chamber. When the mechanical seal is damaged, water enters the oil chamber. The probe can send signals to protect the pump by the control system.

Mechanical seal: Adopt double series seal, select new hard anti-corrosion tungsten carbide material, with reliable seal, wear resistance, long life and other characteristics.

Impeller: the impeller adopts single channel or double channel structure, has a strong ability to pass the wastewater/sewage with large solid particles and fiber to reduce the blockage and winding.

Pump body: with impeller collocation, so that the pump has high efficiency.

Seal ring: installed in the pump body mouth ring, when the impeller due to the operation of the mouth ring wear, can replace the seal ring, to ensure that the pump with superior efficiency.

submersible non-clogging sewage pump



QW (WQ) type submersible non-clog sewage pump is suitable for factory business seriously polluted wastewater emissions, residential sewage station, urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, air-defense drainage station, waterworks water supply equipment, hospital, hotel of sewage, municipal engineering construction site, form a complete set of exploration, mining machine, rural biogas digester, irrigation and other industries, sewage, wastes containing particles, it can also be used for clean water and corrosive medium.


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