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Product description

White, hygroscopic, granular powder
•    Product ID : 100AC14
•    CAS : 127-08-2
•    Molecular formula : C2H3KO2
•    Molecular mass : 98.14g/mol
•    Mp : 288 - 296°C
Potassium acetate (CH3COOK) is deliquescent white crystalline powder which is soluble in water (and many other solvents). Aqueous solutions of potassium formate have pH between 7.5-9.0 which makes slightly alkaline to a near neutral pH which is not caustic or corrosive unlike bromide, fluoride, chloride, nitrate, hydroxide, sulfate, thiosulfate or carbonate salts, which are either strongly acidic or basic. Such favorable pH makes it an easy choice for users to substitute corrosive salts in many applications including,
1.    Nucleic acid precipitation
2.    Drilling fluid additive
3.    Manufacture of glass 
4.    Catalyst in the production of 
o    terephthalic acid used to make industrial PET
o    carbon black
o    polyurethane foams
5.    Catalyst in the acetylation of wood
6.    Softening agent for papers and textiles
7.    Precursor for potassium-carbon foliar fertilizer potentially helping farmers obtain better harvests per acre
8.    Fire suppressant
9.    Tissue preservation, fixation, and mummification
10.    Liquid deicer which is much easier to spread compared to rock salt, calcium chloride or magnesium chloride
11.    Antioxidant
12.    Desiccant
13.    Buffer
14.    Intermediate /reagent in the synthesis of
o    Lubricants.
o    Laboratory chemicals
o    Agricultural chemicals.
15.    Antimicrobial preservative
16.    Textile conditioner 
17.    ‘water-in-salt’ electrolyte for advanced supercapacitors and aqueous batteries


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United States
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