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Product description

The disc corner of the granulator adopts the overall arc structure, the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The pelletizing disc is equipped with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving labor efficiency. The bottom of the pelletizing plate is reinforced by many radiating steel plates, which is strong and durable and will not be deformed. The thickened base is designed for stable operation without the need for ground bolts. The main gear of the pelletizer is quenched with high frequency, which increases the service life by one time. The pelletizing face plate is lined with high strength glass steel for corrosion resistance and durability. The surface has the advantages of uniform granulation, high granulation rate, smooth operation, durable equipment, long service life, etc. It is the ideal equipment for the majority of users.


Wheel diameter: 500-3600mm
Capacity: 0.02-6t/h