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Paños antimarcado

Product description

BLUE GLASS anti-framing film

For today's high-quality printing and coating applications in the highly competitive graphic arts industry, the best possible protection against when using textured surfaces is required to try to protect the wet sheet from an impred

Reduces marking

The unique design of the BLUE GLASS anti-framing film reduces problems related to ink build-up or coating on the surfaces of When used in conjunction with the SUPER BLUE 2 anti-stress anti-framing system, all of its printing press becomes a free zone of

Reduces ink build-up

Due to their manufacture according to very precise tolerances, microscopic glass beads inside the BLUE GLASS anti-framing film were designed to reduce surface contact with the newly printed substrate and to reduce the accumulation of coating, varnish and ink in your

It has a long service life

Its uniform surface gives it an even support throughout the film is notoriously flexible and will keep the adhesion of the pearls even under the most efforts

Easy to install

BLUE GLASS® is easy to install: depending on the type used, apply the specially formulated adhesive strip directly onto the clean cylinder or attach the die holder directly to the jaws when necessary, wet or peeled, and replaced by a


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