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Description of activity

For 28 years Industrias M H S.R.L. has been engaged in the manufacturing of electric conductors. Our quality in the manufacturing of electrical conductors falls within the international market regulations (Iram Standards, ISO 9001:2015 management system), complying with all established standards.

Industrias M H S.R.L. is in constant growth and in search of customers abroad to be able to establish ourselves as exporters.

Industrias M H S.R.L. is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Organization Details


Coronel Maure 1628
1824 Buenos Aires

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Resumen Ejecutivo

Industrias M H S.R.L. is a Argentine company located in the city of Lanús in Buenos Aires. In addition, Industrias M H S.R.L. is a wholesale vendor of 10 products listed on Comertia. These products include: Cable Unipolar Flexible PVC, Cable Unipolar Rigido PVC, Cable Preensamblado de Cobre, Cable de Potencia Cobre PVC/PVC, Cable de Potencia Cobre LSOH/LSOH, Cable Tipo Taller.

Industrias M H S.R.L. was registered at Comertia on Thursday, February 25, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Energy.

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