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Engler Engineering Corporation has been in business since 1964 and occupies an 8000 square
foot facility in Hialeah, Florida (USA). Engler manufactures high speed and table top ultrasonic
dental scalers, polishers and combination units. Other devices include electrosurgery equipment
and ultrasonic instruments for the veterinary market as well as a microprocessor controlled
anesthesia delivery system and a respiratory monitor for veterinary use.
Engler also manufactures dental equipment for the human market. Please visit our site
for more detailed information or call us at the numbers shown below.
Engler Engineering Corp. acquired the exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights of Dynax
products, including stretchers, gurneys, The Cat Grabber, comfort cots, warm water heater /
circulator with pads, and other products. We also acquired the Alpha-Sonic, Ora-Sonic, and Pro-
Sonic line of piezo scalers.
Engler manufactures all of the inserts and tips used in the Engler products as well as many others
on the market today in the 18K and 25K frequency range.
Our repair department has the technical knowledge to repair and maintain a number of dental
devices manufactured by other companies including Shorline.
Engler Engineering Corporation’s foreign sales are handled through a large and growing network of
dental and veterinary distributors. At the present time we are represented throughout the Middle
East, Europe, Central and South America, Canada, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and most other

Organization Details


1099 East 47st
33013 FL
United States

Resumen Ejecutivo

Engler Engineering Corporation is a American company located in the city of Hialeah in FL.

Engler Engineering Corporation was registered at Comertia on Friday, November 12, 2021 as a manufacturing organization under the industrial sector Healthcare And Pharmaceutical.

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