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Changsha Nutramax leader supplier of Botanical Extracts/Herbal Extracts

Changsha Nutramax , is one of the leading manufacturer of the Tea & Herbal Extracts in China, we do all for dedicated to the identification, development and production of natural active ingredients from Chinese herb, for use in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health-food , functional beverage ,and cosmetics
Factories: Changsha Nutramax hold 3 factories for professionally producing Botanical /Herbal Extracts, located in Hunan, Guangxi, and Hubei total annual production capacity of herb raw material is 9000mt, we can supply more than 800mt Botanical Extracts one Our factory have passed ISO14001, Kosher, cGMP, The production departments are equipped according to the GMP standard with all of our product line, such as distillation, extraction, chromatography , desiccation,

Research & Development: Nutramax has a strong R&D team of over 42 scientists dedicated to developing innovative ingredients to meet the market And our R & D center cooperating with cooperating with Hunan Agriculture University, Hunan Engineering & Technology Research Center for Natural Most of the scientists are PhDs and/or Professors; or Masters in Phyto-Chemistry, Pharmacology and Traditional Chinese Coupled with our sophisticated apparatuses, we can effectively develop the customized ingredients to meet and exceed our customers'

Main Products & Market: Luo Han Guo 80% Mogrosides , Flaxseed 40% Lignans SDG, 5-HTP 99% ,Trans-Resveratrol 98%, Sesamine 95%, Magnolia Bark Extract 90%, Blueberry Anthcynidins, Green Tea Extract 60% EGCG, Banaba Extract, Eurycoma Extract , and so We can supply about 240 kinds of Standardized Herbal Extracts and more than 900 kinds of Botanical Our products are in great demand In USA, European, Japan , and being exported to over 40 countries throughout the


Luo Han Guo Extract, Lignans SDG, 5-HTP 99% ,Trans-Resveratrol , Sesamine, Magnolia Bark Extract, Blueberry Extract, Green Tea Extract EGCG, Banaba Extract, Eurycoma Extract

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