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Description of activity

Aperitivos de Añavieja, is a Spanish company dedicated to High Quality Snack The company is located at the village of Añavieja (Soria). Soria is the most unhabited province in Europe and it is placed at a medium height of above a thousand In Añavieja´s district, the Añamaza river, which is tributary from the Ebre, birhts from several As we are the headwaters we are the first irrigator, which assures us clean and unpolluted waters for potatoes

The height of the farming lands, where we grow our raw materials, gives us the advantage of avoiding plagues such us the potato aphid or others specific of this plant, because this kind of plagues cannot bear neither these heights nor this contrasting climate, whose temperatures vary in Summer from thirty fives degrees during the day, to two degrees by In Winter, temperatures vary from twelve degrees during the day, to seven degrees below zero by

The potatoes we grow remain six months developping themselves under the Their slow growing and their progressive ripening process, has got its higher expression at the frying moment, which you can appreciate when you taste
Our cultivation land has got eighty hectares of organic Ten of them are from early potato crop in a warmer climate and the other seventy at Añavieja from late potato
As we have at our diposal our own agriculture production or organic potato crop, we do not need to acquire potato crop from other farmers or agriculture This self-sufficiency let us control the whole process: the sowing, the collection, the elaboration, the storage, the expedition,
In 1848 Añavieja´s Lake was drained and turned into a farming land Until that moment and for thousands of years, it had been a vast flooded plain which had as substratum a dark, peat-composed sand, very rich in nutrients and permanently With the lake draining, hundreds of hectares of a black, lush earth, with the highest organic matter richness were
In the surroundings of this ancient lake we grow our potato crops and we fertilize them with organic compost . We have our own compost plant in which we transform the organic compost spilled later into the farming

We irrigate our potato crops by sprinkler system, copying the The collection of the potato crop is hand- This way , they receive the sunlight, and they lose the earth humidity by airing and not receiving

Finally, they are taken to the warehouses and an excelent raw material during all the year is In our warehouses annexed to the manufacturing plant the final moment of storing is The potato crops remain in optimum conditions of humidity and temperature which are controlled by

Due to all of this, we are conscious of the fact that our company is based on the innnovation and the purpose of making things better day by day and we keep growing as far as we can be able to focus our projects without losing the meaning of our slogan,which is also our philosophy:

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