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Product description

AYMSA is a commercial engineering specialized in the design and manufacture of blasting equipment and surface treatment facilities, applying its own technology as a result of the experience We have been manufacturing in our workshop in Barcelona (Spain) with our own Technical Office, where our engineers fully manage the design and manufacture of our cabins We have developed blasting equipment for many industrial processes and applications , including the Flat Glass Sector for sandblasting and nuanced work
We manufacture manual and automatic sanding booths, and as manufacturers we can design and manufacture sandblasted cabins tailored to the specific needs of each
Our sandblasted cabins are robust, technically reliable and at very prices We use anti-wear materials and spare parts and design with 3D technology that allows us to improve the quality and reduce manufacturing costs We are a national manufacturer with 35 years of experience and own technical service, offering professionalism, quality and service to the

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